Snowflake Christmas LED Indoor/Outdoor Projector

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SKU: MK2109
Christmas white snowflake projector.

Snowflake Christmas LED Indoor/Outdoor Projector is perfect for lighting up your home this festive season.

This snowflake projector is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The pack includes a led projector light, an outdoor spike and an AC adaptor with a lead length of approximately 5 metres.

To set up easily, simply secure the spike and projector together and ensure the lead is connected to the transformer. Once switched on, the projector light will shine falling snowflake images onto the surface that the projector is facing. An outdoor gable wall is ideal if using outside.

If using the projector outside please ensure that the transformer is plugged indoors at all times.

Alternatively, use it indoors as a fun 'moving' Christmas decoration. This snowflake projector can be used indoors can be secured to a wall if required. The light projector includes an angel adaptor, perfect for achieving the best position for your Christmas lights.

The design of the projector light features rotating white snowflakes in different shapes and designs.

Snowflake Christmas LED Indoor/Outdoor Projector is outdoor weather resistant and has been fitted with long life LED bulbs. The bulbs are non-replaceable.

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