Santa and Snowman Painted Christmas Lantern

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SKU: MK1676G
Painted Christmas lanterns, available in green or red.

Santa and Snowman Painted Christmas Lanterns feature gorgeous a painted Christmas illustrations of Santa, Snowmen, Christmas trees and scattered snowflakes. The painted designs have a vintage feel with a slightly distressed finish.

Each lantern has a hinged door and can be secured closed with a little with a bar closure. There is a circular holder which is suitable for a candle or tealight. The diameter of this section is 4cm. The internal height of the candle section is approximately 19 cm. There are little holes in the top section of the lantern which will allow air inside the lantern.

The top of each lantern has a white glitter finish with snowflake cut-outs.

These fabulous Santa & Snowman Painted Christmas Lanterns will look fabulous on window sills, mantelpieces and furniture tops.