Molly & Me Large Scented Wood Wick Candle

SKU: MK2947


Handmade, 100% Soy Wax Candle blended with the finest fragrance oils.

Each scented, wood wick, candle is handmade using 100% sustainable, natural soy wax, and the finest, paraben free fragrance oils.

Each handmade scented, wood wick candle is presented in a black presentation box.

All packaging used is eco friendly, vegan and biodegradable.

Burn time is approx. 55 hours.

Paraben free

A beautiful gift idea.

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We love the aesthetics of wooden wicks and the lovely crackling sound they make but do be aware wooden wicks will require a little more patience that traditional wicks when lighting. 

Molly & Me Candles are are an Irish Artisan Craft business that specialises in creating small batch natural wax candles & melts, room diffusers and bath products in a sustainable and conscientious way.  Our customers can be confident that Molly & Me  products are safe, environmentally friendly and of outstanding quality.