Rachel Ellen Designs Mermaid Writing Set Wallet

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SKU: MK1832
Gorgeous Mermaid stationery set by Rachel Ellen Designs

This beautiful girl's Mermaid stationery set features an underwater design wallet, complete with a gorgeous glitter finish on the front.

Contained neatly inside this Mermaid stationery wallet are 30 sheets of lined writing paper, 20 envelopes and a sheet of stickers and envelope seals.

Both the writing paper and the envelops are a beautiful sea green with different Mermaid designs; the stickers are different sea creatures and mermaids, while some have different sayings such as ‘What a star.’

Each Mermaid Writing Set Wallet is cello wrapped and can be opened to display the content. The open wallet measures W 35cm.

This Mermaid Writing Set Wallet is the perfect for little girls.