Fountasia Set of 2 Bumble Bee Garden Decorations

SKU: MK1909
Metal Bumble Bee garden decorations.

Add a splash of colour with these metal garden decorations. Each Bumble Bee has a gorgeous glossy yellow and black striped body, a little black head with antennae and 6 little feet.

This Fountasia Set of 2 Bumble Bee Garden Decorations are perfect for displaying on walls or can be used free-standing. The Bumble Bees will look fabulous on fences, garden or house walls or simply standing in the garden.

There is one little hook on the underside of each Bumble Bee which can be used for hanging. (wall fixings not included)

This Set of 2 Bumble Bees Garden Decorations includes 2 different sizes of metal Bumble Bees.

These gorgeous garden accessories can be wall mounted or left free standing. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Whilst these decorations are very durable and designed for outdoor use, they may tarnish with age.