ADAMS No Damage Adjustable Clear Over the Door Wreath Hook

SKU: MK1714
Adams Adjustable wreath hanger with rubber gripper for protecting door surfaces.

This Adjustable Clear Wreath Hook is made from strong polycarbonate and features an ultra-thin top hook, suitable for standard 4.5cm doors.

Virtually invisible, this wreath hook prevents damage to door frames, as its thin top fits perfectly around a standard door.

With an easy grip loop at the front, to adjust this wreath hook, you simply pull the loop forward while smoothly moving the top hook up or down to secure in place.

Adjusting from 35cm to 61 cms, this wreath holder has an extra large hook to ensure a wreath hangs without need for string, while a small rubber grip at the back prevents any scratching to your wooden door.

This Adams adjustable wreath hook can hold up to 4.5kgs.

This Adjustable Wreath Hook for Wooden Doors is perfect for hanging Christmas wreaths and other hanging decorations.