Adams Pack of 2 Brick Clips for Hanging Decorations

SKU: MK1719

Looking for the perfect solution to hang decorations on a brick wall?

The Adams Brick Clip is the perfect no drill and no damage solution for hanging almost anything on brickwork.

The Adams metal Brick clips are easily attached, simply place the spring edge of the brick clip at the base of the brick and push the clip upward until the upper teeth grip the top of the brick. 

Please note, the brick will need to sit out approx. 5mm from the mortar in order for the teeth of the clip to grip the brick. 

Once securely attached the Adams no drill brick clip will hold up to 10kg.

The Adams no drill needed brick clips can be removed and repositioned as many times as you need.

Each pack contains 2 brass coloured no damage brick clips.

Fits bricks 2 1/8" to 2 1/2" in height.

Suitable for use indoor and outdoor.