Adams Pack 50 Mini Light Adhesive Clips

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SKU: MK2513
Ensure your Christmas decorations are perfectly displayed this Christmas with these fabulous adhesive clips from Adams.

Adams Pack 50 Mini Light Adhesive Clips were designed for and used by professional decorators.

Perfect for securing Christmas lights around your windows and doors.

Made from strong clear coloured polycarbonate.

These commercial grade light clips have a superior adhesive, ideal for easily and securely mounting miniature Christmas lights to window casings and doorways.

Each clip has 2 sizes of holder -simply choose the size that gives the most secure fit.

Contoured design is easy on the fingers and makes for fast installation.

Adams Pack 50 Mini Light Adhesive Clips accommodates both traditional incandescent sizes and new larger LED styles.

These adhesive light clips are perfect for achieving consistent orientation and spacing every time.