Solar Powered Garden Fairy Tree House of North Pepperglow

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Solar powered fairy house for outdoor and indoor use.

The home of North Pepperglow is made from resin and features three solar powered warm white LED lights inside.

There is a solar panel at the back. This solar powered fairy house is exquisitely designed with fantastic details. It is shaped like a tree with a vibrant green top. There are little windows for light to shine through when switched on and a cute little ladder leading up to the Fairy door. This gorgeous solar powered fairy garden house has a rustic finish.

The Home of North Pepperglow She plays tricks on small children and old folk. She lives where the Celts and the Norse people live. She can only be seen in the light of a full moon. She wears pure white and has autumnal brown wings like a butterfly.

The solar powered home of North Pepperglow will make a fabulous addition to any garden, big or small, just watch that she doesn't play any tricks on someone in your house.

This Solar Powered Garden Fairy House includes a rechargeable AA battery.

Full instructions for use are included in the pack.

Please note that there is a protective seal on the solar panel which should be removed before use.

Supplied in a printed box.

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