Snuggable Hottie Microwavable Blue Fantasy Monkey

SKU: MK2185
Children’s Microwavable plush toy.

Snuggable Hottie Microwavable Blue Monkey is perfect for helping to provide a cosy night’s sleep.

This super soft plush toy is designed like a little monkey with a gorgeous mix of shades of blue and purple and cream coloured belly, hands and feet.

A perfect cuddling companion, this stuffed animal has a little microwavable tummy, filled with tourmaline beads and gently scented with lavender oil.

Once heated the lavender oil is released, helping to sooth body and mind.

To heat, simply remove the microwavable tummy insert and place on to a non-metallic plate and place inside the microwave with a small cup of water.

Snuggable Hottie Microwavable Blue Monkey makes a great cuddly friend for younger children.