Snowman Umbrella Garden Bird Feeder

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SKU: MK2137
This fun novelty bird feeder is perfect for brightening up your garden.

This gorgeous Snowman Bird Feeder is made from metal and painted a vibrant shade of red. The cute little Snowman is holding onto a thin metal pole which has a hook at the top for hanging purposes. There is a chain supplied with the bird feeder which can be attached to the hook at the top if you need extra length for hanging purposes.

The base of this novelty bird feeder is shaped like an upside-down umbrella. Simply add bird seeds or nuts into the curved base, hang up from a tree or garden hook and let the birds feed.

The Snowman Umbrella Garden Bird Feeder will arrive in 2 parts and is very easily assembled. Simply screw the little metal rod with Snowman attached into the hole on the base. If using the chain, simply pop it over the hook at the top of the feeder.

This Snowman Umbrella Garden Bird Feeder is a really practical and fun garden decoration for the festive season.