Set of 3 Essential Oil Therapy Mindfulness

SKU: MK2613
This set of essential oil blends contain 3 x 9 ml vials of top-selling blends to promote well-being & mindfulness

Each pack contains,

1 x 9 ml Breathe
1 x 9 ml Focus
1 x 9 ml Calming

Breathe contains lemon, peppermint & lavender blended to promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.

Focus helps you find clarity and de-clutter your mind with a blend of lemon, orange and geranium.

Calming provides a fragranced blend of lavender, rose and palmarosa to scent a room and provide a calming relaxing ambience.

Essential oils can be added to a diffuser, a hot bath. added to a carrier oil for massage or used for facial steaming.

Please read full details of use included on the pack prior to use.