Relaxing Microwaveable Body Wrap Gift Box

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SKU: MK2496
Lavender fragranced microwaveable body wrap.

Relaxing Microwaveable Body Wrap Gift Box is perfect for soothing sore muscles and joints, sports injuries, easing migraines and arthritis.

Made from 100% polyester and designed in a luxury purple and gold shade with blue detailing.

This heatable body wrap features a repeat star print and the words ‘Relaxing do not disturb.’

The body wrap is filled with natural flax seed and lavender. The flax seed comfortably moulds around your body, while the lavender scent provides a therapeutic experience.

Designed to comfortably fold around your neck or shoulders; wrap it around your leg or arm, across your stomach or use at your lower back.

Relaxing Microwaveable Body Wrap Gift Box is supplied is a gorgeous box making it perfect for gifting.


- To heat, simply place on a non-metallic plate, ensuring that there is no grease as this can cause burning.

- Place in the microwave with half a cup of water; make sure that the turntable is able to rotate freely.

- Fold the body wrap if it does not sit flat.

- Heat the body wrap according to the instructions and heating table provided on the back of packaging.