Oval Shaped Acrylic Crystal Drawer Knobs

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SKU: MK1578

Antique style inspired set of 4 drawer knobs.

Suitable for drawers, cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, etc.

These acrylic drawer knobs feature an oval shaped centre crystal with small surrounding crystals, set on a silver coloured metal background.

Made from 50% glass and 50% metal.

Supplied in a box of 4.

To use, simply unscrew from the back to release the door knob from the cardboard. To attach, simply place the door knob at the front and screw into place from the back of the drawer.

These gorgeous Oval Shaped Acrylic Crystal Drawer Knobs are perfect for adding an elegant touch to your furniture or adding a wonderful sparkle to a little girls room.

Dimensions of each: Approx. H3.5 x W3 x D2.5cm