Bakedin 3 Pack Gingerbread Mug Cake Mix

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Make delicious gingerbread in less than 2 minutes.

Bakedin 3 Pack Gingerbread Mug Mix contains the perfect amount of ingredients to make 3 delicious gingerbread cakes in a mug – all you’ll need is a bit of butter, milk and a microwave.

Bakedin 3 Pack Gingerbread mug cake mix contains 3 individual portions of gingerbread cake mix.

How To Make:

- Put 1 tbsp of butter in a small mug and gently melt in the microwave - this should take 10-20 seconds.

- Tip the contents of one sachet of mug brownie mix into the mug and add 30ml (2tbsp) milk or water.

- Mix thoroughly, then microwave on full power for 60 seconds (based on an 800W microwave).

- Allow to cool for 5 minutes.

Enjoy this delicious treat straight from the mug.

To make your gingerbread mug cake even more awesome, top with a scoop of your favourite ice cream or whipped cream.

Bakedin uses only the best quality ingredients, each sachet creates tasty desserts with the added bonus of no nasties.

Best before 30/11/2021

Mug not included.