Argan Oil Infused Hair Turban Towel

SKU: MK2614

The Danielle Creations hair turbans are made from super soft microfibre and infused with nourishing oils.

This argan oil towel keeps hair looking healthy by taming frizz, repairing split ends and adding shine while it dries.

Drying your hair with an infused oil hair turban is one of the healthiest way to dry your hair. Standard towels can snap your hair’s natural fibres, causing breakage and frizz, while hair dryers cause long term heat damage.

This ultra absorbent microfibre head towel dries your hair faster than cotton towels, saving you time and getting you ready to go quicker.

Super easy and comfortable to use, the turban is held in place by a button, so it stays secure while you get ready.

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to be pampered at home or simply needs to save time!

This towel is great for any length of hair.

Supplied boxed making it idea for gifting.