68cm Large White Tumble Snowman Christmas Novelty Ornament

SKU: MK2017
This years must have Christmas decoration.

Kids will love the Large Tumble Snowman Christmas Novelty Ornament which features a rounded metal base, uniquely designed not to fall over when pushed - he simply bounces straight back up! The perfect Christmas decoration for busy homes.

Designed with a white fleece body, vibrant red buttons down the centre of his woolly jumper and a knitted red and white hat and scarf. The snowman decoration's face has a little orange carrot nose, beaded eyes, rosy cheeks and a great big jolly smile.

This super cute Christmas decoration has wire inside the snowman's arms and hat allowing you to move them around into your desired position.

The Snowman will look great by the Christmas tree and is heavy enough to be used as a fun door stop.

This fun filled Christmas decoration will be loved by all the family.